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Enlightening Bloom ~ Chapter 2 & Giveaway

So I told the facebook world that if my page hit 450 likes I'd post the second chapter of Enlightening Bloom and giveaway a Reviving Bloom bookmark. If you want in on the giveaway comment on this post:!/MichelleTurnerAuthor/posts/451298798271391?comment_id=63170311&notif_t=feed_comment, by tomorrow morning. I'm going to draw a winner when I drag myself out of bed.

Now onto the good stuff. The second chapter is from Pike's point of view and this is a very special chapter for him and Bloom. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. ~Michelle

Enlightening Bloom
Chapter 2 – Pike

~Officially Make You Mine~
“I didn’t take that long, Tennessee.”
“Darlin’, I’ve been waiting on you for twenty-five years. Now get your beautiful self down this aisle so I can officially make you mine.”
She continues her walk towards me, never once breaking eye contact. When Bloom and Billy finally make it to me, I take her hand pulling her into my arms and press my lips to hers. I hear the guests hooting and hollering behind us, but I’m not ready to break away from her.
“You’re skipping the steps,” Elder Cathal Burke chides me. He’s the one proceeding over our wedding. It would traditionally be the Alpha’s responsibility, but I can’t proceed over my own ceremony so the responsibility fell to an Elder.
I pull away from the kiss, but I don’t look anywhere but at Bloom when I reply. “Ok, you can start now.”
“Today is a joyous day for our pack. Our Alpha is here to complete his mating bond and has invited all of us help them celebrate. Not only does he want to be bound to his mate by our ways; he also wants the outside world to know they belong to each other, so they’ll also be reciting the human vows to become husband and wife.” Cathal’s voice booms over the wedding party. “Our couple is going to first recite the traditional wedding vows, and then they’ll read their mating vows they personally wrote. Pike, will you please go first?”
I smile at my mate as I recite the vows that will connect us together in the human world. “I, Pike Lukas Masterson, take you Bloom Michael Daniels, to be my wife, to have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, from this day forward until death do us part.” Finishing the last line I stick my hand out palm up to Tucker and he places Bloom’s wedding band there. I take Bloom’s left hand and slip the band into place on her ring finger.
“Bloom, it’s your turn.” Cathal guides.
“I, Bloom Michael Daniels, take you Pike Lukas Masterson, to be my husband, to have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, from this day forward until death do us part.” She holds her hand out palm up until Bonnie places my ring into her palm. On a shaky hand she slips the band onto my ring finger.
“Pike, please recite your mating vows now.” Cathal tells me.
Placing my palm to Bloom’s jaw I use my thumb to trace her cheek bone as I recite my vows from memory. “Bloom, I was very young when I found out about mates. My father told me that a shifter’s mate is made for him and him alone and that one day I’d find mine. Since that day I’ve been dreaming about you and when I found you I knew the real you completely surpassed the dream I had in my head all these years. You’re more beautiful than a sunrise over a fall forest and sweeter than a berry picked ripe off the vine. But as beautiful as you are on the outside you’re a million time more beautiful on the inside. You’ve shown me how much you care for the people around you, even when they haven’t earned it and you’ve shown strength when most people would’ve had their spirit crushed. For all of this I promise I will always stand by your side to protect you, to support you, and to love you as my true mate.”
I won’t mark her until we’re alone tonight, but at this moment I feel the need to lean in and kiss her neck right where my mark will be tonight. A shiver runs through her body and when I pull back I’m grinning. Bloom rolls her eyes at my grin and I chuckle so quietly I know only she will hear it.
“Bloom, it’s your turn.” Cathal tells her.
Taking my face in both of her hands she begins, “Pike, I never knew the world held love like this and if someone would’ve told me it did I would’ve laughed in their face, but from the moment you came running into my life I’ve seen it everywhere. In the way you love and guide your pack, in the way you love and care for your sister, and in the way you love and protect me. For opening my eyes to this kind of world I promise to always stand by your side, to always care for you, and most of all I promise to always love you as my one true mate.”
As she finishes her words she tugs my face closer and plants her lips on mine. The wedding guests begin whooping and hollering again.
“I’m pleased to introduce your newly mated Alpha pair, Mr. and Mrs. Pike Masterson.” Cathal shouts over the celebrating guests.
I pick Bloom up and spin her around, never letting our lips disconnect. Once I have her firmly back on her boot covered feet I throw my fist in the air to join in with the celebration. Out of the corner of my eye I see my beautiful mate shaking her head at me, but I know through our bond she’s smiling while she does it.
I guide Bloom back up the aisle through the confetti our guests are raining down on us and back into the house.  We stop just inside the door and I pull her into me for another kiss.
“Are you ready for the party, Mrs. Masterson?” I ask against her lips.
“Can’t we skip the big party and go straight to the more intimate one, Mr. Masterson?” She whispers her question back.
“Don’t tempt me.” I rumble nuzzling into her neck placing light kisses there.
“Mmmm, if you don’t stop Tennessee we’ll never make it to the reception.”
“Is there something wrong with that?” I ask pulling her tighter against my body.
“Down boy,” She laughs as she attempts to push me away.
“Your husband is not a dog.” I playfully growl at her.
“Wolf shifter. Dog. Same thing.” She teases.
Scooping her up I throw her over my shoulder and swat her butt.
“For that I’m making you go to your reception,” I tell her carrying her back outside where our guests are waiting under the tent that’s set-up.
“Pike Masterson! Drop. Me. Now.” She half scolds, half giggles as she wiggles around on my shoulder.
“Fine if that’s what you want,” I tell her as I slip her off my shoulder and smoothly maneuver her backwards into a dip. “Are you sure you want me to drop you?”
Gripping my arms she pouts, “No Tennessee, don’t drop me. It’ll hurt.”
I scoop her back up into my arms and holding her close to my chest I promise, “Darlin’, hurting you is the last thing I’ll ever do.”
She rewards my promise with a deep kiss, that’s more suited for the bedroom then a tent full of guests, but I’m definitely not complaining.
The sound of Tucker coughing pulls us apart. “Are you two ever gonna come up for air long enough for us to congratulate ya?”
Bloom pulls back enough that we can look at each other then turning to look at Tucker we both say in unison, “No.”
I burry my face in her neck to plant kisses and she giggles. In front of us Tucker turns to the rest of our guests and throwing up his arms announces, “Someone go get a crowbar. The love bird’s lips have fused together and we need to get them apart so we can start this party.”

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