Promised Series


Linc knows Wyn is the girl for him.

Wyn knows that Linc is the guy for her.

But she is promised to another.

Wyn has to decide whether she can turn her back on her family and their traditions or walk away from her chance at real love.   

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Untitled - Promised 2 (Marley's Story)

Coming 2014


Marley Thompson always knew how her life would play out. She’d have an adoring gypsy husband that she’d love, a perfect home, and a bunch of babies that she’d stay home and take care of. And she was well on her way to that being her reality when she was hit with the truth about how “adoring” her husband really is.
His betrayal tears her heart to pieces, changing her in the process.
So when she realizes her broken heart won’t allow her to have her dream life anymore she comes up with a new dream. She gets a job for the first time, goes back to school, and starts working towards her new dream. A dream that leads her away from her gypsy roots.
But when everything is starting to look up trouble come’s knocking in the form of her cheating ex-husband. Thankfully, her boss’ nephew, Cain Ross, steps up to protect her, but when he sets his own sights on winning over her shattered heart, will she be able to protect herself from him.

Untitled - Promised 3 (Nate's Story)

Coming Late 2014



  1. Wow that is some excerpt! I got pulled into the story right away!
    So glad this is coming out in 2013. Any word on the actual date or month? I can't wait to read more <3

  2. Thanks! I'm shooting for May, but I don't have an exact date yet.