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Promised Cover Reveal

***Promised Cover Reveal***

Here is the beautiful cover that Eden Crane came up with for Promised. I love, love, love it!
I wrote yesterday that I would post the 2nd Chapter of Promised when I posted the cover and since I'm a girl of my word you'll find it at the bottom of this post. If you haven't already read the first chapter you can find it under the Promised tab at the top of this page or by clicking this link: http://michelleturnerauthor.blogspot.com/p/promised.html
Chapter 1 of Promised was Linc's point of view and if any of you have read my first book (Reviving Bloom) you know I like to share both characters side of the story, so Chapter 2 of Promised is from Wyn. I love these new characters so much and I hope you all do too.
So with out further delay here it is.......................
Chapter 2 – Wyn
~The Black Sheep Of The Family~
“Dani?” I call out knocking on the door to my sister-in-law and best friend’s travel trailer.
“I’m in the bedroom Wyn. Come on back.” She calls back.
I walk the short distance to the back of the trailer where the bedroom is located. Dani is sitting on the bed folding onesies and placing them into neat stacks in a wicker laundry basket. Her red hair is pulled up into a messy bun on top of her head and she’s wearing black yoga pants and a tight fitting red tank top that shows off her tiny pregnant belly.
“So when will we know if I’m having a niece or a nephew?” I ask sitting on the edge of the bed and grabbing up a onesie to fold.
“The ultrasound is in three weeks.” She tells me.
“Do I get to go with you?” I ask placing the onesie on the stack in the basket and grabbing another.
“I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think Adam is going to take off and go too.” Dani tells me smiling from ear to ear. All Dani has ever wanted since we were little girls running around my parent’s front yard was to be a wife and a mother, and she always knew she wanted my brother Adam to be the man in that perfect life. Adam didn’t realize Dani was the end all be all for him until sometime last January. But once he realized it he didn’t waste time. He had his ring on her finger and her last name changed by April. They found out in September that they are expecting their first child and they’ve both been over the moon ever since.
“I think he’s more excited to find out the sex than either of us.” I return my friend’s smile.
“He’s so convinced we’re having a boy he’s already picked out a name and won’t even discuss girl names.” She says rolling her eyes.
“So what name has he chosen?” I ask.
“Clayton Allan.” She tells me.
“He’s not giving his child a name that starts with A? Complete blasphemy!” I tease. In my family everyone’s name begins with an A, but my mother. My father is Allan (Al). Then there is my brothers Aidan, Aldon, Alec, Aaron, and Adam. Finally there’s little ole me Arwyn. So Adam not going with the family tradition of choosing an A name might cause uproar in our tight knit clan.
“I know.” She sighs. “I warned him what that decision might cause, but you know how these men can be.”
“I’m proud of Adam for not giving into the family on this. Dani, you should be free to choose whatever baby name you want without having to worry about what my family might say.”
“Even so, it’s tradition.” Dani states firmly.
“So have you thought about girl names? Since my brother is being a stubborn butt.”
“If we do have a girl I’d like to name her Alana Arwyn.” She says watching closely for my reaction.
I of course don’t disappoint. I sit the onesie down and throw my arms around her giving her a hug, “You want to name your baby after me!”
“The middle name and only if the baby is a girl.” Dani laughs hugging me back.
“Still, you are willing to permanently scar your baby with the same name as her black sheep aunt. I think that’s a big deal.” I pull back and smile at her.
“You are not the black sheep of the family.” Dani scowls at me.
“I’m not married.” I state.
“There are several Romani girls not married yet.” She states firmly.
“I’m still in school.” I fire off another reason why I’m the black sheep.
“Well.” She’s can’t come up with a response to that so she sucks in her bottom lip and nibbles on the corner.
“It’s ok Dani I know that I’m the black sheep of the family. And you know I’m exactly where I want to be. I asked Daddy to let me graduate.” I try to ease her discomfort.
“I never understood that, but if that’s what you want I’m glad he gave it to you.” She tells me releasing her lip.
“I wish everyone was as understanding.” I whisper to myself.
“I’ve got some news that will cheer you up.” Dani declares putting her arm around me.
“Did you bake me the cupcakes that have sprinkles in the batter?” I ask. She knows I love the sprinkle cupcakes.
“No, but now that you bring them up I want some. I think this baby is going to like the same foods as his or her Aunt Wyn.” She giggles.
“That’s fitting since she’s going to have my name.” I grin.
“Only if it’s a girl and it’ll be her middle name.” She corrects me again.
“I’m still calling her Lil Wyn.” I inform her flicking my hand around.
“You are a complete goof.” She laughs at me.
“So what the news that’s better than cupcakes with sprinkles?” I ask getting us back on topic.
“I never said it was better than cupcakes with sprinkles. I said it would cheer you up.” She reminds me.
“The only thing that cheers me up is cupcakes with sprinkles so if you say it’ll cheer me up then it must be better.” I explain my reasoning.
“I’m seriously re-thinking this giving my baby your name as her middle name. I don’t know if I want her named after a goof.” Dani kids.
“Oh hush! You know you love me just the way I am.”
“There’s no way I’d have you any other way.” She gives my shoulder a squeeze.
“So what’s this fantabulous news?” I ask turning to look at her.
“Rumor has it that Shay Dawson is planning on speaking with your Dad about your hand.” She’s so excited by this news she’s bouncing her butt up and down on the bed.
“My hands seem fine.” I try to play ignorant, because I so don’t want this to happen.
“Oh don’t even try that act with me. You know exactly what I’m talking about.” She chides me.
“How reliable is this source?” I ask.
“Adam told me he heard it straight from Shay’s mouth himself.”
I let myself fall face first into the bed and grumble against the comforter, “Oh poop!”
“How can you not want this?” Dani asks as she absentmindedly strokes her pregnant belly.
“I’m not ready.” I grumble against the comforter some more.
“It’ll be fine.” She promises.
“Do you know how soon he’s planning his acquisition of me?” I sit up and snap.
“If Adam understood correctly, then it’ll be happening soon.” Dani tells me.
“Poop! Daddy promised me he’d let me finish school.” I complain. I thought I had my Dad wrapped around my pinky about this. I thought he understood I wanted to finish school before I took this step, but if he entertains Shay’s interest graduation could be thrown out the window. It’s not that Shay’s a bad guy, like Dani with Adam I’ve known him my whole life, but I don’t see him like that. He’s more like my sixth brother than my future husband. I don’t know what the Hades has gotten into him if he’s thinking about doing this.
“I better get home,” I stand up and grumble.
“Ok, but you could stay a little while longer.” She suggests.
“Nah, I need to get home and make some sprinkle cupcakes ASAP.” I give her a hug and head out of the trailer.
As I’m walking out of the trailer I walk smack dab into my brother.
“Easy there Winnie.” He says grabbing my shoulders to steady me. Out of all of my siblings I’m closest to Adam and he’s the only one on this planet I allow to call me Winnie.
“Hey Addie.” Just like his nickname for me, I’m the only one allowed to call him Addie.
“Leaving so soon?” He asks.
“Yeah, I’m gonna go make sprinkle cupcakes.” I tell him knowing he understands the meaning of sprinkle cupcakes to me.
“What’s wrong?” He asks releasing me. I’m about to answer when I notice we’re not alone. A few feet behind him stands the reason I’m upset. Shay Dawson has his hands shoved in his pocket and is watching the exchange between my brother and me closely.
“We’ll talk about it later.” I tell Adam while I glare at Shay. I’ve decided he’s on my list and he should know that’s not a good place to be. If he thinks I’m going to roll over and take this betrayal easily he’s sadly mistaken.
“I see Dani has been sharing.” Adam says noting my glare.
“I have no clue what you’re referring to.” I try to play innocent turning my attention back to my brother.
“It’s good to see you Wyn.” Shay finally speaks up. He has taken one of his hands out of his pocket and is using it to smooth down his honey blonde hair.
“Don’t even try it Shay Dawson.” I snap my attention back to him.
“Come on Wyn. Don’t be this way.” He pleads.
“You….you..Ugh! I’m leaving.” I throw up my hands and stomp off without saying goodbye.

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Alot has been going on with me the last few weeks. I moved from my beloved state of Ohio to my husband's home state of West Virginia and we've been busy unpacking and getting everything set-up at the new place. So I haven't got any writing done, but things are settling down so I'm hoping to change that real soon.

Though I haven't been able to write I do have the cover for Promised and I'm super excited about sharing it though I'm not sure when I will. I don't have the patience to wait and do a big reveal. Eden Crane did an abolutely beautiful job on it and it deserves to be seen. So maybe I'll release the cover sometime in the next couple of days. I might even share the second Chapter of Promised when I do.

As for the Enlightening Bloom I began writing it before the move took place and I promised on my Facebook page that once the page reached 100 likes I'd share the first chapter. And as of last week the page passed that  goal. So as promised here it is........Michelle <3

Enlightening Bloom
By Michelle Turner 

Chapter 1 – Bloom

~Worth The Wait~

It’s been a week since Rose sprung the news on us about my great-aunt. I wanted to leave right away but Pike (he always has to be the rational one) reminded me we had things we needed to do before we could take off again. The item at the top of his to-do list is why I am now standing in Bonnie’s suite watching my white dress swish back in forth in front of her full length mirror.

Yep, he’s making me go through with the mating ceremony before we take off. Okay, maybe he’s not making me, but still you get the idea. He even used his Alpha voice when he informed me, “We will not being going anywhere until you and I are completely bound.”

Which in case you didn’t know in Alpha shifter speak means not only does he plan on marking me with his bite; he also plans on putting his ring on my finger and making me his wife. Now, I wouldn’t be totally against this idea, but the way he went about the proposal pissed me off. Instead of getting down on one knee like a normal person to ask for my hand, I woke up one morning with the engagement ring already on my damn finger.

As you can see he’s got a little controlling since I was kidnapped by Trace. But still he should’ve asked! And that’s exactly what I yelled at him when I pushed his butt out of bed that morning. He of course thought my reaction was funny and knew I wasn’t going to take the ring off so he got up off the floor and ignored my reaction as he asked, “So do you like the ring?”

The ring in question has a thin white gold band with diamonds running up each side until they meet a large tear drop shaped diamond at the top. He informed me he picked the tear drop shape to remind us both of the tear lined path that led us to each other. So instead of throwing the ring in his face, like I should’ve done, I leaned in and kissed him.

Yep, I’m a sucker!

Anyways, that’s why I’m standing here looking at my reflection. Bonnie fixed my hair into lose curls and she pinned the sides back so it’s all hanging loosely down my back exposing my neck and shoulders. Pike wants easy access to my neck and who am I to deny him when I love how it feels when he kisses me there.

Emily did my make-up since I’m a hopeless case when it comes to the stuff. She kept it simple with mascara, a light eye shadow and blush, and a soft peach lipstick and lip gloss. I’m starting to think she’s a miracle worker, because I’ve never felt more feminine and beautiful.

“Blu, stop looking at yourself in the mirror and get over here to put your shoes on.” Bonnie tries to reprimand me, but I can hear the smile in her voice.

I take one more long look at myself in the mirror to admire the beautiful dress I’m wearing. My white dress falls just below my knees. The bodice is made of satin and has a sweetheart neckline with a flowery bead design at my waist. The skirt flares out in to a bell shape and is covered in a flower patterned lace.  Instead of the traditional pearls I’m wearing the diamond cross that my father gave me on my thirteenth birthday.

“I love you both.” I say spinning around to face Bonnie and Emily.

“We love you too,” they say in unison with matching smiles on their faces.

I run at them throwing an arm around each of their necks to pull them close. They both squeeze me tighter. Once we’ve all wrangled in the tears that are threatening to spill down our cheeks we pull back.

“Here ya go,” Bonnie shakes her head, holding up my old brown cowboy boots. She’s cleaned the dirt and mud off and they almost look new. For about a day Emily and her tried to talk me into high heels, but I wouldn’t give in. I wanted my boots and being the new Alpha female I got my boots.

I pull them both on and look down at myself then back up at them.

“You’re right. They’re perfect.” Emily concedes. Bonnie rolls her eyes, but since she’s smiling while she does it I know she agrees.

“Here let’s finish the look,” Bonnie says as she hands me my small bouquet of blue hydrangeas and white roses.

As I take the bouquet there’s a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Emily hollers.

“Is the bride ready?” Billy asks peaking his head around the door. Billy flew in so he could walk me down the aisle. The ceremony is going to be relatively small consisting of the pack, Billy, and Bonnie’s parents.  

Holding my hand out for him I tell him, “I’m ready.”

“You look beautiful, doll.” He says coming in the rest of the way and taking my hand. A few weeks ago I would’ve been sad that my dad isn’t here to, but since Pike’s come into my life I’ve learned to live without that sadness hanging around. I know my father’s in heaven watching me and he’s happy that Billy is walking me down the aisle.

“Thanks, Billy.” I kiss his cheek leaving my lipstick print behind.

“Does Pike look nervous at all?” I ask using my thumb to rub my lip print off his cheek. We decided to block each other’s thoughts until I come down the aisle and I’m missing the feel of his presence in my mind.

“Not at all. Though if we don’t get you out there, there’s a good chance he’ll come barreling up here to get ya.” Billy chuckles.

Pike must be missing our connection too.

“Then we better not keep him waiting any longer.” I laugh at the visual of my mate barreling up the stairs to get to me.

Billy holds his arm out for me and I place my hand in the crook of his elbow. The four of us walk out of the room and make our way down to the first floor. The wedding is being held outside of the pack cabin where the back deck overlooks the woods. Bonnie and Emily exit through the door before us and then the doors are closed leaving Billy and me alone.

“Your Daddy would be happy for ya,” He whispers when he leans into place a kiss against my temple.

“I love you, Billy.” I say in response.

“I love you too, doll.” He says patting the hand that’s holding onto his arm.

The doors in front of us opens and the sound of Keith Urban’s song “Only You Can Love Me This Way” floats in from outside.

“Take me to my mate,” I say smiling at Billy.

He guides me out on to the deck that wraps around the back half of the cabin. The wedding is set up on the right side of the massive cabin, because it has the best view. He leads me around the corner that leads to our guests and my future. I stop us at the back row of seats so I can search out Pike’s eyes.

They’re locked on me and he’s smiling. We both open up our connection at the same moment.

“So worth the wait,” he whispers through our bond.

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Enlightening Bloom

I've been trying to stay focused on writing Promised and for the most part I have, but this weekend I couldn't get my mind off of Enlightening Bloom. I guess you could say I'm missing my shifters or maybe I'm justing itching to get back to their story so I can answer the questions that weren't answered at the end of Reviving Bloom. Either way, I've decided I'm going to start working on it as well as Promised. I still plan on Promised being released first, but as is my way when the story takes over my thoughts I have to write it down and right now my mind is revolving around Enlightening Bloom.

There is so much that's going to take place in the next book and if you read Reviving you know that there was some newly mated pairs that came together towards the end. And I can tell you we will be seeing some of those new couples. Though the book will focus on Pike & Bloom. There will also be new characters that I'm really excited about sharing with you. So before I go off to my writing world I thought I'd leave you with these pictures that are a little bit of a tease on what's going to be happening with Bloom and her friends.

Also, I am putting together a playlist for Reviving Bloom and if any one has any songs they think fit please leave a comment letting me know.

Happy Reading,

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Current Projects

As most of you know Reviving Bloom is now available on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

There will be a second book in the series titled Enlightening Bloom, but it won't be out until sometime around the end of 2013. Sorry, sorry, sorry! I know you all want to read about what's happening with Bloom & Pike and the rest of the pack, but I won't be able to get their story down until I get Promised out of my head. Yes I know that sounds like I'm crazy and on some level I probably am but that's how writing works for me.

Promised has been in my head for months and I'm super excited to finally say I'm working it out of there by writing it. I have fallen so deeply in love with these new characters and I feel they have a great story to tell. I'm hoping to have it to you guys by Spring 2013. If you want to check it out you can find the first chapter on the Promised page.

Finally there will be a blog tour for Reviving Bloom running November 26th - 30th.

You'll have a chance to win e-copies of Reviving Bloom and this beautiful handpainted glass that features a quote from the book. So make sure you visit the tour stops!


Happy Reading,