Strip Me

***Warning: Intended For Readers 18 & older***

Adult Contemporary (Novella): Strip Me

Briar Roberts is controlled by her father. From the way she dresses and acts to what she’ll do with her future, it’s all decided by him. So on a girl’s trip to Vegas she decides to give herself one night of freedom. Freedom to find the real her, even if she can only be that version temporarily.

Zane Oliver started out a dancer, but through his hard work, he now owns the hottest male strip club in Vegas. His club’s number one rule is “No Messing with the Customers”, and he’s had no problem following it until the night Briar Roberts comes in. But the innocent beauty has him throwing all his rules out the window so he can have her.

What’s Briar going to do when she learns what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas? 

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