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Killian's Solace

Killian's Solace is LIVE!!!

Killian's Solace is the first book in the Masterson Pack Series. This is a spin-off from the Bloom Daniels Series. All the book in this series will be novella's (around 25,000 words). 

***Cover by Moonstruck Cover Design***


When you’re a shifter you know two things for certain. One, you’ll change into a wolf. And two, you’ll find your true mate. Though he knows these things, Killian O’Brian has given up hope on the second thing happening for him. So, when his niece predicts his time has come he’s in complete disbelief.

Reeve Quinn has always had to hide her true self. So, when she gets offered a position in a small town run by wolf-shifters she thinks she’s found the perfect chance to stop hiding and just be her. Little does she know she’ll find a whole lot more than acceptance.

Can Killian handle Reeve’s true self?

Can Reeve handle being mated to a wolf?

Or will they both be consumed by the ominous threat looming over the pack?

Chapter One

Rose is running around the playground, chasing her cousins. Every so often she takes a break long enough to come to where I’m seated and hug me. She does this quietly, and then quickly takes off again. This time I watch as she heads for the swings. She hops onto the empty one beside of Grady, and even from this distance I can hear them squealing with delight.

The bench squeaks beside me, and by her scent I know it’s Emily Drake. She’s the only person I know that wears that floral perfume. “Go join your cousins.” She says shooing away her kids, Leah and Aiden. Aiden the oldest glances briefly at the younger kids before going the opposite direction to where some older boys are tossing a football. Leah catches sight of Rose and heads straight for her. I watch as Rose hops off the swing in midair, landing smoothly, before she takes off running towards Leah. She grabs her slightly younger cousin by the hand and together they head to the slides.

“So, Kill, any sign of this mate?” Emily asks as she sits down her cup of coffee.

“I see you heard what happened last week.” I say, continuing to watch the kids play.

“That our five-year-old niece predicted your mate is coming?”

“That would be it.” I confirm.

“The whole family can’t stop talking about it.” She informs me of something I already know.

“How has her gift surfaced at such a young age?” I ask, more to myself. I move my eyes from the twins on the swing set, now side by side, seeing who can swing the highest, to Rose, who is standing at the bottom of the slide waiting on Leah to come down.

“When Bloom’s gift started, her predictions would happen almost immediately after she had them. Maybe this isn’t what we’re all thinking.” Emily states, though I can tell by her tone she thinks it’s exactly what we’re all thinking. Our five-year-old niece is gifted. We all knew she would be. She comes from a long line of rare female Oracles. This is her destiny, though no-one thought it would begin this soon.

I glance over at Emily to see her leaning back against the bench, so her small rounded belly shows a little more prominently. Baby number three for her and her mate, Kit. I’m happy for them, all my family, but it’s long pass the time for me to have found my own mate. I was scared when little Rose first made the announcement that the person to complete me would be coming, but deep down I’m ready. My wolf and I need this person who completes us, who will soothe our soul. However, Emily’s right. Bloom’s predictions were always instantly happening. So, could my niece’s prediction not be a real one?

“I find it hard to believe that she’s already coming into her abilities.” Maybe, it’s less I doubt it’s happening and more I’m not ready for it to be. I’m attached to all my nieces and nephews. Though I can’t deny with my blonde-haired niece I am little more so. Maybe it’s because she looks like a blue-eyed version of her mother and in turn my own. But, I think it’s more that the little girl always has a smile on her face. It’s hard to be sad when you face that kind of sweetness daily. She steals the heart of everyone who is blessed to meet her.

Emily picks her coffee cup back up and takes a sip before responding. “Bloom, thinks she’s already met her mate.”

I turn and stare at her in shock. “Met her mate at five?”

“Yes, met. Not realized it. They’ve been traveling to a lot of other pack territories recently. She thinks one of the kids Rose has come across during these meetings is her mate. It could be the brief meeting has kicked her abilities into effect. From what we’ve learned from Amelia and Bloom it’s not impossible. The mating hasn’t showed itself because the children are obviously too young. But this early contact with whoever her mate is has already awakened the Oracle side of her.”

“That little girl is destined for greatness. I don’t need to have a special ability to recognize that, but I’m still doubtful about this prediction of my mate.”

“At this point I think we just have to wait and see. If your mate shows up, we’ll know for sure if her abilities are truly surfacing like Bloom believes.”

I don’t answer. There’s no need. She knows she’s right. So instead I holler at the twins. “Not so high, boys.” But I have no more than got the words out when I realize it’s too late. Grady goes flying, and unlike Rose who had jumped off from a safe height, my dare devil of a nephew has attempted it from the highest possible spot. There is no way he is landing gracefully. I’m up and running to him, but he’s already come crashing down with a hard thud.

I hear the crunch of bones before I even make it to him. He’s fractured something. Shit! I bend down instantly upon reaching him, and gently scoop him into my arms. Then, I’m heading towards my car. He needs to be seen by Doc to have the bones reset before his shifter genes heal them the wrong way. If this happens Doc will have to rebreak the arm to set it right. I don’t want him to go through that additional pain.

“I’ll gather the rest of the kids and meet you there.” Emily calls out behind me. I don’t take the time to thank her, and I know she understands why. We’re racing against the clock. I lightly place him in the passenger seat of my car and dash to get behind the wheel. Grady to his strength isn’t making a sound, though I can see the tears silently sliding out of his amber eyes. Eyes that match his fathers, and my father’s. The man he was named after. I push away the stabbing pain that hits my chest at the thought of my father. I have to focus on the issue at hand.

“It won’t be long kiddo.” I reassure him as I fly out of the playgrounds parking lot.

“Okay, Uncle Kill.” He responds, his voice shaking from the obvious pain. I can easily see the wrist is bent in the wrong direction, while the arm seems to have snapped in the complete opposite way. Noticing this I press the gas pedal farther against the floor and don’t let up. It’s not long before we’re sliding into the gravel parking lot of Doc’s office.

I don’t even shut off the ignition before I’m rounding the car, and lifting him out. “You’re doing so well, Grady. Just keep it up a little while longer because we’re almost there.”

I push through the front door of the office, calling out as I do. “Doc, I need you.”

His receptionist, Megan, rushes around the side of her desk. “He’s out on a house call, Killian. But bring the boy back. His new partner started today. She’ll be able to help.” She guides us to the first exam room, and then heads right back out. I’m assuming so she can track down the new physician.

I’ve just laid Grady on the exam table when I’m hit with a fragrance so strong that it drops me to my knees. My wolf takes control as he rumbles in my head. Mate.

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