Monday, November 12, 2012

Enlightening Bloom

I've been trying to stay focused on writing Promised and for the most part I have, but this weekend I couldn't get my mind off of Enlightening Bloom. I guess you could say I'm missing my shifters or maybe I'm justing itching to get back to their story so I can answer the questions that weren't answered at the end of Reviving Bloom. Either way, I've decided I'm going to start working on it as well as Promised. I still plan on Promised being released first, but as is my way when the story takes over my thoughts I have to write it down and right now my mind is revolving around Enlightening Bloom.

There is so much that's going to take place in the next book and if you read Reviving you know that there was some newly mated pairs that came together towards the end. And I can tell you we will be seeing some of those new couples. Though the book will focus on Pike & Bloom. There will also be new characters that I'm really excited about sharing with you. So before I go off to my writing world I thought I'd leave you with these pictures that are a little bit of a tease on what's going to be happening with Bloom and her friends.

Also, I am putting together a playlist for Reviving Bloom and if any one has any songs they think fit please leave a comment letting me know.

Happy Reading,