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Review - Half Life

Synopsis:*WARNING: This book contains graphic scenes and sexually explicit content.*

"Sabel knew two things in that one crystalline moment.
Firstly, the bastard sitting in front of him was responsible for Colton’s death.
Secondly, he would be dead before the day was out."

They call him the Butcher, and it’s a nickname well deserved. With the death of Colton still fresh in Sabel's mind, he takes on the responsibility of the Right to take revenge on behalf of his fallen brother—an eye for an eye. That is until he's blindsided by the arrival of an unfamiliar female werewolf looking for Colton.

As more and more defiled bodies of wolves turn up, Sabel’s need to solve the mystery of who is behind the mutilations is at war with another feeling. This new female has awakened something powerful, dark and unavoidable within him—something that threatens to ruin his reputation as a cold-blooded killer forever.

Can she tame the Helheim captain of the guard, or will he manage to push her away forever?

My Review:

This series keeps getting better and better. I became obsessed with Rhett and Indi in book one. Then Vaile and Larissa in book two. But now in book three Lauren Dawes has made me fall for a character I didn't even care for in the first two books, Sabel.

Ivy, Colton's twin shows up and finds that her brother has been murdered (end of Half Truths) and she decides she's sticking around to avenge his death. Sabel gets tasked with guarding her and aiding her in finding the killer. Sparks fly, though Sabel tries to deny it. That is until Ulf, the Beta from Ivy's pack, shows up. Ulf wants Ivy. Ivy wants Sabel. Sabel doesn't want to be weakened by his love for a female. I loved seeing Ivy bring out Sabel's softer side but I won't tell you how their part of the story ends because that would ruin it.

We of course get some more from the favorites from the first two books. Rhett and Indi face some new challenges with her "feedings", including the fact that it could tear a part Rhett's and Brax's friendship. I love, love, LOVE Brax! He's been one of my favorite characters even as a smaller part in the last two books and I was so happy to see more of him in Half Life. In this book he was dealing with a lot, and I wasn't too thrilled with his ending in this book, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for the next book.

Vaile and Larissa, are there though their relationship was not as prominent as in Half Truths. But what we did get from these two was fan-freaking-tastic!

In Half Life we also got to see more of Alex, Vaile's human boss, and Saskia, the only of breeding age female in the Helheim pack. Saskia is suppose to choose a mate so she can start bringing werewolf babies into her pack, but she isn't interested in the wolf males. She wants Alex. At the end of this book their story isn't finished, but we're left with a big teaser as to what might happen in the next book. I really enjoyed these two. Alex came across as a good guy, who knew what he wanted and was trying to go after it. Saskia was a sweet character, who's trapped between what she really wants and what's best for her pack. I look forward to finding out what happens with them.

The pack also has to deal with wolves popping up dead, a war amongst their kind, and the death of one of their own. This book is packed full of everything I've come to love from this series: steamy love scenes, dominant males, and tons of action. But the biggest surprise for me in Half Life was the women. I believe they really stole this book, bringing out a more tender side of the Helheim pack that didn't really shine through in the first two.

So if your a fan of adult paranormal fiction (I'm talking hot, dominant werewolves *swoon*) do yourself a favor and pick up this series.

About the Author:

Lauren Dawes is a part-time ESL teacher, part-time promotion worker, part-time proofreader and full-time author. She put pen to paper when she realized that books like Stephanie Meyer's 'Twilight' were ruining the vampire genre Anne Rice so meticulously built.

She lives in Victoria with her husband and her cat, Oscar. She is currently working on her next book.






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