Friday, April 19, 2013

Promised & More

As of last week the first draft of Promised is finished and on Sunday it went  into the editors hands. So it should be in your hands by the beginning of May. I won't give an official release date until editing is done, but don't worry it's in the home stretch. I'm so excited for you all to read Linc & Wyn's story. I love how it played out and I hope you all will too.

Now here's some more news. Even though Promised is a stand alone story I wasn't ready to let these characters go, any of them. Though I won't be writing another book from Linc's and Wyn's point of views I will be spinning off at least two of the minor characters for their own books. Those characters will get their own stand alones that you'll be able to read as part of the series or by themselves. The two characters that I know will get their own books are Nate, Linc's cousin that you got a brief glimpse of in the first chapter preview, and Marley, who shows up a little in the end of the book. I think both of these characters deserve to have their stories told and I can't wait to do just that.

Fans of my wolfs, don't worry before I throw myself into these next two books I will be returning to the Bloom Daniels Series to bring you Enlightening Bloom. I'm going to finish proofing the paperback copies of Reviving (I'm so sorry that it's not already done), then once that's done I'm sliding right back into Bloom's story. I've already got millions of ideas running through my head for how it's going to play out and I'm super excited about getting them down.

Now, I've had a bunch of people ask me if Bonnie & Tucker will be getting their own story and as of right now I'm saying no, but they will be prominent players in Enlightening Bloom, even getting chapters from their own point of views. So hopefully that helps.

I've also had people ask how many books will be in the Bloom Daniels Series and  the answer to that is that I haven't decided. These characters stories are still running through my head and I haven't hit the end. I am fairly certain there will be a third book, but it won't be started till probably late next year.

Here's a rough schedule of when I want to have these books available for you. I'll try to make it sooner but I don't know what the future holds so I can't make any promises.

Promised - May 2013

Enlightening Bloom - Winter 2013

Marley's Story  (No Name At This Time) - Spring 2014

Nate's Story (No Name At This Time) - Fall 2014

Bloom Daniels Book 3 (No Name At This Time) - Winter 2014/Early 2015

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